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Give Life to Your Community

At Carter BloodCare, we are dedicated to bringing the community the blood products needed to save lives. When you give for life, we can save as many lives as possible by making sure hospitals always have the supply they need.

Every Donation Makes a Difference

The impact of a blood donation is priceless. Whether you give at a donor center or a blood drive, every donation saves lives in your community.

Make the Biggest Impact Possible

When you host a blood drive with Carter BloodCare, you are creating endless possibilities for people across the community. Bring your community together and show them what it means to #GiveForLife.

Ready to host a drive?

We’re excited to show you how rewarding it is to save lives through Carter BloodCare. Scroll down to start planning your blood drive!

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See How Great it Feels to Do Good

Hosting a blood drive is life-changing for you and the recipients of blood transfusions. Below are just a few of the benefits of hosting a blood drive. And, don’t forget, we’re here to help support you through the entire process!

You'll make
new friends!

We'll bring
awesome snacks!

It's great for
your resume!

Every donation
saves lives!

Pick the Right Place for Your Drive

We will work with you to plan a blood drive that best meets the needs of your group of any size! Here is a quick overview of our options:

A Space in Your Workplace

If your office has a large conference room, that’s a great place to hold a blood drive!

The Carter BloodCare Bus

If you don’t have a space that’s ideal to host a blood drive, we’ll send a bus to your office, school or church.

A Donor Center

If you have a group of ten people or less, visit one of our donor centers near you!

Pick the Right Time for Your Drive

The best way to have a successful blood drive is to give yourself time to plan. It takes our team 60-90 days to create custom materials, so we recommend booking your drive 2-3 months from now. Just think - the more time you have to spread the word, the more friends you can recruit to donate! If you’re not ready to commit to a date, start by choosing a range of potential days.

Choose Dates

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Get Ready to Save Lives!

Fill in your information, and someone from Carter BloodCare will contact you to finish setting up your drive. We can’t thank you enough for your support, and we can’t wait to show you how amazing coordinating a blood drive can be!